Thoughts on Updates

Updates! updates! and more updates it seems like all I’ll do is update. First of all when we have to have an update you should have a message saying “you have an update and it will take around 15 minutes and we really regret to inform you that you will have to restart your computer for the update to take effect.” Updates really should tell you about restarts and about how much time it is going to take. They user should have a choice if they want to update. Some software will no longer work when there is update, forcing the user to update. A few programs every time I use it there is a new update. Companies should give the users as much information about the update as they can.  Do we really need one every few days? Can we have a day that is update day or how about it is limited to once a month? The user needs to have more control. I like that we do have the option of automatic updates and how often to check for them. Do all of the users really need this new update that fixes a bug that only 2% users even use that feature where there is that bug? I understand that updates are needed and necessary. A company can put out updates right away in real time. 98% of users don’t even know what the updates are concerning. If you need a Computer sciences degree in order to understand what the notes mean on the updates then we could wait awhile before we get to that updates. There are some concerns with security software where updates may be needed to be done right away. The picture below says it all. If people are making charts like this then “you’re doing it wrong.”

A chart that shows Time spent updating Adobe that is 90% vs. using Adobe that is 10%

Time spent updating Adobe vs. using Adobe


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