Once again people are killed in gun free zone

“8 killed in Southern California salon shooting”


I am angry and I am upset. One of the most restrictive states(California) in the union does not allow people to carry guns for protection. Now 8 more people have passed on lives lost. brothers, sisters, mother, peoples families are gone! Because of foolish laws they could not defend themselves! We have a Right to firearms. These rights are ours and we need to claim them. These rights are not giving to us by government. The U.S. Constitution was is suppose to protect that right. State Governments have ruled those rights away.  Give people their rights back! Now evil men will fight for more restrictions, more laws that will do nothing to protect others or help those already harmed! Give people back tools to defends themselves.

The theater in Colorado. The School in Connecticut. The list goes on and on.

Link to story



Also check out this picture. It shows all the deaths that have happened in “gun-free zones”

Gun Free Zones are not safe.

Gun Free Zones kill!

Only Two were killed because their was a Concealed weapon permit holder at the mall In Organ. Another Time A concealed weapon permit holder was there to stop the guy at trolly square mall in Utah. Stores like Toys”R”us don’t allow off duty police to have their firearms.  This is great stupidly.

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