Gunnies Orem Utah

Here is a Video Review of the store of Gunnies in Orem Utah by Nutnfancy. Just got to say Nutnfancy is a great guy! I did a lot of shopping in Gunnies in Orem. My review of Gunnies is no longer favorable. There are a few people that work there that are not very good. Wyatt was the guy to talk to until so bad business. There is 3 parts! 40 minutes each! So grab some popcorn and a sandwich.

UPDATE: I do not recommend Gunnies any more.  They have a backasswards return policy. I cant believe they would not take a return or even exchange with in 30 days with a receipt. They would not be out any money. Wyatt really let me down. I no longer shop at Gunnies. I guess I could do more of a full review of Gunnies if there is more interest in it.  If you already live in the area and have been there I am guessing you know how you feel. My Friends have been a Gunnies ban for a lot longer than I have. I have always defended Gunnies and said oh it is just that guy is a douche. Sorry if this is not much of a review for you. Bryan in the video is nice guy. The other salesman are the bad ones. Some of the most insulting things I have heard them say to customer.  I would just wait around for Bryan to help me. I guess there is no longer any point in watching these videos…… Times have changed.

Update 7/1/2013: Prices at Gunnies have gone super high. Everything is over priced. Not that Gunnies is the only ones. Internet sites and local shops are all doing it. The market is too crazy and people are buying everything. I guess the market will correct itself sometime in the future. I hope those who are buying and turning around selling stuff for a profit get burned bad. Tired of seeing crazy ammo prices.  I heard about the prices 2nd hand through customers at the range.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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