Eric Schmidt shares great lessons.

Eric Schmidt former CEO of Google puts out some very powerful ideas. Very powerful lessons are in the video. “Do we use facts to make decisions?  How is it we can even have a conversation if we don’t have the facts. Good leaders take in data and make decisions from there. That is what we should be doing and that is what our leaders and politicians should be doing. ” He also talk mentions how employees at Google spend 20% of there time working on their own ideas.  (See my Power of open source article for more information on why that works watch the video on the article) Eric Schmidt delivers very solid info. The video has a long intro you can skip ahead past the intro to 6minutes. The video is long but very worth while lessons are taught. His talked ends at just before 38 minutes. The remainder of the time he answers questions. I will watch this again rather than spending time playing angry birds. One of these options gives me value and the other robs me of time and gives me no value. hint: angry birds is the 2nd one which is bad.

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