Trigger Control, & Single Action vs Double Action By The Glockbrothers

The GlockBrothers are talking about Trigger Control and the difference between Single Action vs Double Action. And what is this Safe-action. The Glock Brothers know their stuff. I claim the Glock to be Single Action. I agree with Big Lew The Glock G 19 is indeed Single Action. You may disagree and you may have very valid points as well. Maybe you can change my mind.  They Used a Glock G19 in the video, a Springfield Armory 1911 to explain single action, and for double action the Sig P6. The GlockBrothers are a funny bunch and they upload a video every Saturday. It really helps out there YouTube Channel when you like the video, comment, or even add to your favorites. So check the GlockBrothers out and give them a another Sub. Don’t have YouTube account you should get one. or if you already have a Gmail account then you have a YouTube account so how about that?!?!

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