Jury Duty for Orem Utah, Jury Nullification

The title may be Jury Duty for Orem Utah. This is Jury Duty anywhere in Utah. This information is good for any where in the USA even Los Angeles, California. No one really wants to do jury duty. I have been summoned and you get paid $18.50 the first day and 49$ for every after that. The pay sucks and you are wasting your time. Why should we even consider doing jury duty?

A picture of the US Constitution Where we can read "we the People"

US Constitution

The whole reason you do jury duty is to protect the rights of others. Thomas Jefferson said, “I consider trial by jury as the only anchor yet devised by man by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution.” That means that if the government passes laws that are unconstitutional, then the jury has the power to veto that law; this is also called jury nullification. The government of this nation has many laws that are unconstitutional. The 18th amendment that made prohibition in effect was ended by jury nullification. When no jury will convict a person of their “crime” then the District Attorneys will not take such foolish cases to court. We are all tired of hearing stupid cases that this guy did this or that and now his life is ruined. We need to protect each other and we can do it through jury nullification. Please read this article from Back Woods Home .

Jury duty for Orem Utah

For more information on jury nullification, please visit Fully Informed Jury Association (fija.org) to know what you can do more. We the people have the power to protect each other. We can stop the stupid cases from getting taken to trial because of the past ten cases where there were no convictions. We can stop good people from being punished and serve justice to those that are in need of justice. Together we can stop the foolishness that continues to go on day after day in our court system. It is our system and there is something we can do about it. Jury nullification gives the people the power.  You may not want to serve on a jury and it may not be fun, but at least you know the “why”. The important thing is to know why we do what we do. Tell everyone you know about jury nullification.  Protect each others liberty and we can take this country back. Through jury nullification, we can take back our liberty.Take back our Republic.

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