Gun store story #1 – Discount Guns and Ammo in Provo Utah

Gun store story #1

This is the start of many to come. These are stories of what not to do. I wish these kinds of things never happened.  This happened at Discount Guns and Ammo in Provo Utah.  I am not a fan of this store. I will post a review of the store.  My Review of Discount Guns and Ammo will not be favorable. I say spend your money somewhere else.



I have not used NC Star but I have not heard good things. I know NC Star is what you call lower end. From what i have heard if you use NC star products a lot they break. Then you send it back. I want it to just work. I do want a company that stands behind their work. If you have use your NC star Product a lot please post and let us know.

I and was looking for a fixed four power scope for a gun that had some recoil on it. (not a .22) The Guy recommended the NC Star Scope. I said I am not interested. He then acted if it was either NC Star or I should buy a $1000 aim point set-up. That is all this store sold. High end and bottom end. He even said “it is not like you are going to war with it so when it breaks they have a life-time warranty”

Tommy boy: “you can put a warranty on a box of shit and it is still a box of shit”

The guy was right in the fact that I am not a “navy seal” going to war I rather spend a little more money and get a middle of road product. He then again recommended the NC Star. 3rd and 4th times. He tried to sell me on it. At this store they were selling it for $200. You could find it online like for $80.

It was if he was saying “Buy this it has the best profit margin” So in the end If I say I don’t like that product, I want to spend more a little more money on something else. Stop recommending it.  I am a fan of the Gun Dudes Podcast. The Gun Dudes have said lots of good things about them. That is why I have  been to their store and a number of times. I recall on one time being positive.

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