More Thoughts on Glock and the Glock G19 GEN4

Glock G19 Gen4 Target - 15 shots at 7 yardsGlocks are simple being there are only 35 parts, good price, and reliable. Better guns are out there not at a better price. See my Glock G17 article and Glock G19C article  for more information on Glocks. I have shot a Glock G19 gen4 at a indoor shooting range in Murray Utah. The range is a nice range I am just not a fan of the owners or the staff. See my Gun Store Stories. The Gen4 Glock g19 shot perfectly. I had a very nice group. As you can see in the picture.



I also have a threaded Glock barrel for my G17 It is made by lone wolf I believe “the ye ol Lone wolf dist” It has had cycling issues.  I have mostly use my Glock barrel. If it continues to have issues I should contact them and see if they will exchange.

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