▶ The Glock G19 C ▶

Picutre of Glock 22C firing

A Glock 22C

The Glock 19C is a fantastic gun for a carry choice. The Glock G19 is the most popular Glock. There are thinner guns that are good for a carry choice. When things are popular that means that they do work. The Glock G19 works. The question you have to ask yourself is will it work for you? Being popular is not a bad thing. Popularity comes from being good at what you do. Don’t be different just to be different be different when it is better. The “C” version is more rare could be consider a collector item. That is if you are a major Glock fan. The picture at the top had the text on it “C what you have been missing”  I Thought it was a cool Glock ad.  Also see my Glock G17 article for more my thoughts on Glocks. I also want to add a down side of the Glock C. There is more to clean. take you a little longer to clean the port area. Not a deal breaker but just so you know you will spend more time cleaning.  How much more time like 15 minutes.  A Glock is not a bad choice. ▶

                    Glock 19 with two magazines

Get your Glock Springs at Amazon, These are Glock Brand Glock Springs
Glock Recoil Spring 17,22,24,31,34,35
Glock SP02211 Recoil Spring G26/G27/G33 Assy

Picture of a Glock factory Spring for Glock 17 22 and others models

Factory Glock Springs

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