Say No to a flat tax.

A flat tax would NOT be fair. It would hurt everybody. What would be fair is NO income tax. It is our money in the first place. Not the governments money to give. Taxes are charity at gun point. If you don’t pay your taxes they will come to your house with guns. The Tax system has major issues. The biggest problem is the budget. We need to spend a lot less and pay off dept. First order of business Vote at every level of government and fire who ever is in. Orrin Hatch has got to go! R or D they got to go!

There are many other things that need to be cut back on. We need less government and let the private sector handle things. look at how the schools run. Go private sector. Private does it better. Contract it out.

If rich people have their money they buy jet Airplanes and yachts. That puts people to work. Best thing you can do to build an economy is let people decide what they want to do with their money. Government needs to say out of our pockets. We could cut most of the taxes we need to cut a lot of spending first. I am not saying No taxes at all. but I am all in favor of NO income tax.

We should have a few taxes to pay for government. This Country was not about a big federal government that has all control. People came here for land and liberty to do what the want and not to be a ‘subject’ to a king or some people back in Washington DC who think they know best for you. You know what is best for you. The revolutionary war was not fought so we can have “taxation with representation” it was fought for liberty over a king. You should be in control of you. We pay taxes on everything we do. Everything is taxed! Cut spending NOW then cut taxes.

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1 Response to Say No to a flat tax.

  1. Mortar and Pistol says:

    And government needs to quit trying to legislate morality as well! True freedom means letting others live their own lives as they choose, even if it goes against our own morals (that is, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else)

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