The Four P’s of Gun Defense

Oh no there is five P‘s too late to change the title and the fifth one is not pee. So stop thinking that. This is talking about gun shots and stopping a threat. If your life is threaten you don’t want to kill the threat, you want the threat to stop. You can kill someone with shooting a .22lr but they may continue to harm or even kill you before they die. Discussing “stopping power or knock power” does not matter if you don’t get proper Placement with Penetration to stop the threat right away. The video below gets you in the right mindset of what you need to think about and be concerned about. So hear they are. Number one and two are the most important of all the P‘s. The other P‘s are subject to the first two P‘s.

Placement -Shot Placement is King. The bullet has to hit something important.

Penetration is queen. It has to hit deep enough into something important. For instance bird-shot will not Penetrate deep enough to stop right away.

Processing think like a CPU, the brain or along the spinal cord.

Pressure, Blood Pressure. No blood Pressure they are going to faint.

The 5th is the Pelvis This is away of slowing someone down but not eliminating threat. If the pelvis is hit you cannot continue to run. The Pelvis is not a easy shot to make. I have heard this talked about on gun fighter cast. See the video. This is just fantastic!


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