Web Browsers – Firefox to Chrome and the keyword search


Please tell me you know what a Web Browser is.  Also please just stop using I.E .(internet explore) Sorry if talking about web browser are not your thing. This is my thoughts. I think it is important to know how to use tools in a efficient manner. So here is the deal. Chrome is a better a better web browser. It is faster. Firefox has(or had) memory leaks.(this is bad) But I like Firefox better. “What!?!? Why!?!” I like Firefox better for all the add-ons. But Chrome has extensions. I am liking Chrome more and more because it has been getting all the add-ons I like as extensions. (add-ons and extensions are the same thing. Different web browsers Different names for extras added to them)  As of right now I use both browsers. But the primary browser is Firefox. Why, because of one more thing that chrome does not have. Are Browser wars still going on? Yes and no i say.

a picture of the the web browser of Chrome icon

This feature is built into Firefox. In Firefox if you right click on any search box/field and “add a keyword for this search” will be in the options. So what this does is let you do fast searches. Rather than typing in Youtube.com then the page loads and you type in what you are searching for. you can simple type in “y[keyword] glockman1727ak47 videos ” and Youtube will then seach “glockman1727ak47 videos” or you can even make the keyword “youtube” or any thing you want. I have my keyword searches just one letter like “w” for Wikipedia and Google  is “g”, amazon is “a” this is for speed. If you search a sites all the time add a keywords search and save time. I want Google Chrome to have an extension or even built into chrome to have “add a keyword for this search”. If this happened I would make Chrome my Default and primary web browser. There are some other reasons i like Firefox better. another time I may discuss them.

picture of youtube icon



Link to my Youtube page with the video about why Firefox is great. Also explains the keyword Search.

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