Thoughts on U.S. Credit Rating.

The U.S. credit rating has been lowered.  This Country will Default on the loans we have right now. Economic collapse will happen under this system. Some say we need to raise taxes and close the tax loopholes. This is wrong.

Close Tax loopholes? That tax money is ours to begin with. We earned that money it is ours Not the governments. Do you really want to pay more taxes?

Would a flat income tax be fare? NO! No income tax would be fare! No one should have to pay any income tax.

if you have a R or a D by your name that means you do not care about the people. elephant or a donkey they do not care about you. They will all drive this country into the ground. Stop Class warfare. Stop believing the political theater they put on.

We all have paid are fair share in taxes! We all pay way way too much. They collected 2.381 trillion and
spent 3.552 trillion
that is a Deficit $1.171 trillion.

we owe over 14.5 Trillion.
Over 115 Trillion Unfunded US liability. that is money we do not have that we have to pay in the future…
we can never pay this money back under this system.
We as a country are SCREWED in the worst way!
Economic collapse will happen sadly we can not escape this. credit rating being lowered is a sign of the doom that is to come.
Time to balance your budget and get out of debt.

Vote out everyone.(R and D) If your representative has been in office for more than two terms vote them out. Everyone vote every time at every level of government. Stop class warfare arguments. This is political theater of the blame game. If we pick a side like Boston Red Sox’s VS. New York Yankees, the Politicians continue to play the game and fool us both all the while getting richer and wasting tax dollars!

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