Practical Defense Podcast

You can add a new podcast to my list! Practical Defense Podcast is a good one. I like Alex Haddox podcast. Alex Haddox quick tips are fantastic. I have notice the most important thing that you can do to protect yourself is be situationally aware. Look around you. What is around who is around you. reading people.  If you want to be situationally aware listen to this podcast. The Practical Defense Podcast should be consider a real value.
Alex shares tips about keeping you in the yellow and out of the white. White being not aware at all. Yellow being in the alert and aware.  He also talks a lot about being a hard target. Things you can do to make yourself a hard target. I have learn a lot and I would love to take a course from Alex. Most of podcast are short but that is okay by me. Some things don’t need 20 minutes of commentary. So go ahead give the Practical Defense Podcast  a listen.

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