The Power of open Source

This video explains the power of open source. It is called The surprising truth about what motivates us This was done by RSA Animate. Also you can watch the video below. I am adding my thoughts and ideas on this blog. The reason I am doing this is to build trust that what I am saying is true. “Goodwill.” I will never endorse a crappy product for money. I will endorse a Great product for money! I will not recommend something unless I use it. If you ask me something I will be Straight with you. Your trust is more important than monetary gain. If I don’t know about it, I will tell you “I don’t know anything about product x” If I have heard things, I’ll tell you what I have heard, but not pass them off as my own experience. I will be real with you. I do not want to just be sharing my opinion but sharing valuable thoughts and information.

The power of Open Source is real! By Sharing real truth of what we know in a honest way. We do not have to buy crappy products or see them ever again from companies. The world is smaller with the the internet and social networks. If a product or a service is terrible share it with others. Put it out there for all to see. It is like a small town where every knows each other. If bill does wrong at his shop we will stop shopping at Bill’s store. By telling others we have the power. That is what I will do here.

This is the start of the open source blog about guns products. Love to hear from you. Your thoughts and ideas.

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This is my blog for all things Glockman1727ak47. I will share links to things that interests me. So check it out.
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