AK47 VS AK74 Receiver Dimples For Magazine

AK magazine fit into receivers very loose. The magazine even wobble. A little bit of movement is just fine. I have only had problems with “bad magazines” they only jam a few times if then. The AK’s in the video is a WSAR-10. I have heard bad things about them. The WSAR-10 that I have has served me well. I have put 3000-4000 rounds down range with it. My WASR10 is Romanian one and I have had it for 8 years.

Hollow Points(JHP) and Soft Points(JSP  J stand for jacketed) can hit the feed ramp funny and jam. That is the only issues I have had with my my AK-47(WASR-10) If you went hunting with a AK’s I don’t think Soft Points would be a problem because your not shooting a lot of rounds down range.

Full metal Jackets FMJ work perfectly with good AK magazines. Look for spot welds. If it looks like more was done with it. More time spent on the line means better made. I have only had two bad AK Magazine. I not sure how else to spot them other than buying and trying them. AK Magazines are pretty cheap.   Norm at Van wagons said “the only more plentiful then AK Magazines are the sands of the seas”

If you know more about Magazine Dimples please post in the comments or make a video. Please let me know about. So we can all learn.

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