Glock g17 My Very first Gun.

My very first Gun was a Glock g17. I have become a big fan of Glock. I feel it is the best gun for the money. There are better guns out there but not at a better price. Buying a gun is not all about price. Meaning I’m not going to buy a $100 gun just because it has the best price.

The Glock g17 is the first in a long line of Glocks coming in with all kinds of calibers.  The Glock g17 is really Simple. The Glock g17 has just 34 parts. That is an Amazing piece of engineering. The Glock g17 is Safe. yes it is safe. I have seen a Glock be tested at the range by some one not so good with guns. By testings, I should say the guy dropped it TWICE! The gun was fully loaded. I am Glad I got out of there before any thing else happened. That is a little Range safety for ya. The Glock really is a safe gun. It has three safety’s. A trigger safety.(some don’t care for this, “it gets in the way.” It has never bothered me) It has a Drop safety and a Firing pin safety. I know some people prefer for there to be a manual or traditional safety. I feel their reasoning behind it is kind of foolish. If the gun is on safe then it is safe, and nothing bad can happen? Wrong! That is wrong mindset and the wrong way of thinking. The Four Rules of Gun Safety must be followed at all time. If you follow the rules you do not need a manual safety.(if you disagree comment why)

The Glock is in deed a great gun. The Glock started the polymer revolution in handguns. Polymer works! It is light weigh and polymer cost less to produce. Torture Test, after torture test to be proven to work and be reliable. Glock has more than 60% of the market share for law enforcement agencies. That is impressive.

I love my Glock g17 It has been a wonderful pistol. A real joy to shoot. I am very Accurate with the gun.  If you are buying a gun you can’t go wrong with Glock. There are many other great guns out there. But Glock is hard to beat for the price and what you get.

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